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Showcasing diverse profiles within Ventera for AAPI Heritage Month

Tanya Netayavichitr

VP of CX & Design

Growing up as a first-generation-born Asian American, the expectation from my family was always a profession outside of the creative field. Like many others, my parents came to America seeking better opportunities for themselves and their children. I was first in my family to get a college education in the states, defying expected career paths within the medical field or law, by pursuing a degree in what I was passionate about, design. During that time, the internet was full of possibilities but not fully understood. UX and UI weren’t known design disciplines and art was still thought of as traditional or graphic design that was created for pleasing visuals and not usable products and services.

As my career advanced and new products continued to emerge in digital domains, what has always remained core to me is putting people first in all that I do. The philosophy of UX shines a light on the importance of empathy in creating products that are usable for different people who have disparate experiences. Products we create should be accessible and usable by everyone. We cannot hold preconceived notions about our users, customers, employees, experiences and backgrounds.

The same sentiment is echoed in the Ventera CX Team’s hiring process and workplace culture—we don’t look for a one size fits all—we explore strengths and gaps that we have in our team to bring in different types of talent across the board. This mantra has helped us diversify our talent pool and develop a team built upon various skill sets and experiences with varied perspectives and backgrounds that in turn bring broadened abilities to the table.

Though I am an American, my skin tells a different story at first glance. My life as a minority woman has helped provide me with a lens into how people are treated because of their gender and race, and I have a deep appreciation for the range of experiences and challenges they face from an individual, team, and organizational level. Through understanding that everyone is unique in their practices, values, traditions and beliefs, I am able to be self-aware in both work and on a personal level. I pride myself on practicing diverse and inclusive leadership and addressing subjectivity and bias. Getting to better know my colleagues and teammates on a personal level, understanding what makes them different, their motivations and goals, helps foster a safe and progressive work environment.

"I have four extraordinary daughters who will experience many of the challenges and discrimination I faced while growing up, and still experience today. However, I have hope that the inclusion efforts of today will continue to transform diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the world for that matter, by empowering each other to put people first and prioritize humanity."

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