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Showcasing diverse profiles within Ventera for AAPI Heritage Month

Dana Yang

Senior UX Designer

I’m a first-generation immigrant from Hong Kong. When my family came to northern Virginia back in 1992, there were not many Asians in my school or surrounding neighborhood. In fact, many of the friends I made were from different countries. This instilled a sense of curiosity in me from a young age to seek out people from different cultures. I have always felt that I can learn so much more from people that have had different experiences than what I’ve had.

Growing up I continued this pursuit of diversity, seeking out workplaces that prioritize diverse working relationships. One of the reasons I joined Ventera was because of the unique leadership I saw in the people in management roles. When I came in for my interview, I met the team and saw such a diverse staff. That gave me a feeling of this is what a company should be like. I felt included and valued.

For me, the best way to facilitate diversity in the workplace is by setting an example. I like befriending new people I haven’t worked with before. I often surround myself with coworkers from different backgrounds in hopes that other people will follow. The pandemic made it difficult to see coworkers outside your immediate projects. I am so thankful for our DRIVE initiative at Ventera that makes it possible to still meet and greet new colleagues.

In the world of UX, we pursue accurate personas. That often means trying to understand someone from a different background than your own. We seek to gather diverse feedback in order to come up with inclusive solutions. These perspectives have helped me become a better designer.

I believe that surrounding yourself with a mixed group of people sparks innovative ideas, but in order to achieve that outside-the-box thinking, you need to include people that have outside-of-the-box experiences.

"At most companies, collaboration is optional—at Ventera we do it every day. If you are truly collaborating with everyone, you are learning from new perspectives."

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