Ventera Sponsors Study Session for Bucknell Engineering Students

Ventera Full Stack Developer and former Bucknell Engineering student Jordan Faith is always drumming up new ways to give back to his alma mater. This year he worked with the Director of the University’s Engineering Success Alliance Jason Milner to coordinate a study session for ESA students during finals week. Ventera sponsored the event.

 Altogether about 30 students from the ESA program came through to eat lunch, prep for their exams, and learn about the opportunities available at Ventera from someone who once stood in their shoes.

“This started as a personal project, I just wanted to make sure the ESA students had a space and some food during their finals crunch,” said Faith. “It was great to give back as an alum and hopefully get some new recruits for Ventera in the process.”

The Bucknell ESA program provides exclusive opportunities to students from under-resourced high schools who have the skills to succeed in Bucknell’s nationally recognized engineering programs. This is part of a comprehensive effort by the university to increase the diversity of the student population while also providing access to underrepresented minority and first-generation students who may be disadvantaged because of educational and socioeconomic reasons.

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