A speaker presenting on the topic of the balance and intergration of Design Thinking and the Agile process

Ventera Speaks at Agile Charm

Ventera Agile Practice Lead Toby Rao and Design Practice Lead Tanya Netayavichitr demonstrated how their teams apply a balanced integration between Agile processes and Design Thinking while utilizing modern innovative processes to deliver exactly what customers need.

The duo shared common UX and Agile values, explained how to overcome cultural challenges, and revealed their keys to elevating a product development team to the next level by strategically positioning Customer Experience and design at the core of the Agile process.

Toby and Tanya were part of a diverse lineup of speakers spanning the spectrum of Agile, UX, Product Management and DevOps gathered in Charm City for this first-time event to share their stories and unique perspectives on how they work together.

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