Ventera Introduces Women in Technology Subcommittee

Last week marked the official kickoff meeting for Ventera’s newest sub-committee, Women in Technology. 

Though the group is still working to define its official mission statement, their objective is to create a space for women to learn the latest technologies, grow their skills, network, and deliver more value to the organization as well as the next generation of women technologists joining the Ventera family.

However, don’t be misled by the name, the group is not exclusive to women only.

“We are so excited about this initiative and invite ALL to participate if this is an interest or passion of yours,” said Sulti Darya, Ventera VP, IT Business Services, and founder of the WIT sub-committee.

In addition to intellectually stimulating discussions about technology insights and career advice, WIT will serve as a platform for members to get to know their teammates better on a personal level.

“Ventera is full of interesting people with interesting backgrounds. In addition to learning from each other professionally, this initiative will also give us an opportunity to learn more about each other personally.”

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