Profiles in Leadership: Diverse Voices

Ventera Executive Vice President of Business Development Joe McMahon

What does Pride mean to you?

To me, Pride is affirmation the LGBTQ community is ‘us’—at our essence we all are just human beings pursuing a life of happiness, prosperity, and well-being.

What is your favorite part of Pride Month?

I think the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community helps anyone who is ‘uniformed’ become more aware.

How do you work with people to create or foster DEI in the workplace?

By example! If I see or hear something inappropriate, I will take action to inform, correct, and educate.

In what ways have your past experiences with DEI influenced your leadership style?

I’ve grown to become more aware, in-tune, conscious, and sensitive towards the diversity of everyone’s lifestyle, traditions, customs, uniqueness, and individuality.

What does it mean to you to have a commitment to DEI? How do you think Ventera can continue to support the need for social change?

It is a means to help us all become better people, managers, co-workers/teammates, and friends—with the collateral benefit of becoming a better company.