A group of UX designers, developers, scrum masters, and product owners attending a SAFe training workshop

SAFe Team Training

Ventera’s Agile Practice hosted its first in-house training, SAFe for Teams, led by two of our SPC certified trainers, Toby Rao and Aaron Legier.

The course was provided to lay the foundational knowledge for establishing team agility for Agile Release Trains (ART). Over a two-day period, participants

  • gained an in-depth understanding of the ART, how it delivers value, and what they can do to effectively perform their role using Scrum, Kanban, and XP.
  • developed knowledge on writing user stories and breaking down features, planning and executing iterations, and planning Program Increments.
  • established a sound understanding of continuous delivery pipeline, test automation and DevOps.

93% of qualified attendees obtained the SAFe 4 Practitioner (SP) Certification by passing the post-training exam.

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