An agile practice lead explaining the benefits of SAFe and Agile to a group from a government client

SAFe® 5 for Government Training

Ventera’s SPC-certified trainers are at it again, this time with a focus on Government Services. Our Agile trainers led a group of 30 colleagues in SAFe for Government curriculum in preparation for the SGP SAFe 5 certification exam.

The training focused on Lean-Agile and SAFe values, principles, and practices that will enable the attendees to lead and support the Lean-Agile transformation of government programs.

According to Jeff Smith, Ventera’s Executive Vice President for Government Services, “As early adopters, our team has been using Agile to solve complex challenges and support mission work for more than 12 years. Our latest investment in SGP SAFe 5 reinforces Ventera’s dedication to our team and commitment to the clients we serve.”

The adoption of SAFe in Government agencies has ramped up drastically in the last few years resulting in an increased investment in Agile transformation initiatives. Government agencies are being challenged by the same competitive pressures as their commercial counterparts, to accelerate Agile transformations, drive modernization and increase automation, speed, and resiliency to achieve business and mission objectives.

“Our workforce is over 85% Agile certified, and is well versed in integrating Agile, SAFe, DevSecOps, and UCD with modern practices, innovation and new technology to deliver results.” Said Toby Rao, Ventera’s Agile Practice Lead. “Training and building capabilities for the future is part of Ventera’s DNA.”

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