Intern Profiles

Class of 2023

Ben Tyeryar

Developer Intern

Before completing the Ventera Internship Program, each participant was asked three questions to recap their experience…

What is a skill you developed?

While I feel like honed my skills in a lot of different ways, such as becoming a stronger and more efficient communicator, or learning how to apply agile principles effectively, the most important skill I developed was being able to learn on the fly. With such a short project timeline, there wasn’t much time to waste learning everything I needed to know about the technology we used for our project. I found that throughout the summer, I was able to take a more “learn by doing” approach which greatly improved my productivity.

What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory from this summer was the holiday party. It was really heartwarming to see Venterans finally meet with their colleagues who they have spent countless hours speaking to, but never been in the same room as them. The entire night, you could tell that the company really cares about and looks out for its people.

What is your #1 takeaway?

My #1 takeaway from this experience is that relationships are extremely important in the workplace. Throughout the entire summer, I could see how friendly everyone was with each other, and how that enables everybody to do their best work. Ventera, from top to bottom, seems to be genuinely invested in the success of its employees, which enables them to relax and perform at their best.

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