Technology Innovation Center

The Technology Innovation Center (TIC) is Ventera's in-house incubator. Our employees participate in TIC communities to share new ideas, collaborate, and drive innovation in core business areas, such as Agile, Business Intelligence, Mobile Solutions, and User Experience (UX). In addition to these communities, TIC encourages and supports self-driven employees to organize groups around interest areas that would benefit our clients, such as Open Source technologies.

Each TIC community is established with a mission and overall goals for enhancing our services to new and existing clients.



Focus on all aspects of Agile methodologies in order to continuously enhance our Agile Development, Agile Requirements, and DevOps capabilities.

Business Intelligence

Promote BI market awareness through information sharing. Identify and work on opportunities and tasks to enhance our BI skillsets. Position Ventera to win and deliver BI solutions and service offerings to our existing and new customers.

Open Source

Center around developing applications and solutions using both entire or partial open-source solutions, in an effort to be capable of responding to an increased client need for such solutions.

User Experience

Drive application of Human-Centered Design principles, techniques, and methodologies to produce seamless user experience across all client systems and applications.

Mobile Solutions

Emphasize mobile-first business and development strategy. Enhance our mobile development skillset by exploring and developing applications that leverage unique mobile capabilities.

Health IT

Strive to understand and promote awareness of Health Informatics through continuous knowledge sharing, education, and collaboration with clinical and non-clinical entities.